Luxembourg: Future Carbon Removal Capital?

By Christopher Neidl May 16, 2023

The L NET Straw Proposal – A Negative…

January 7, 2022 The Luxembourg Negative Emissions Tariff (L-NET) is a new legislative proposal under development for Luxembourg that aims to drive and accelerate investment, deployment and cost red...
By Christopher Neidl January 4, 2023

Teach-In: The German Feed-In Tariff – A Social…

In this discussion Professor Joern Hoppmann of the University of Oldenburg offers expert perspective on the history, evolution and ultimate impact of the German Feed-In Tariff (FIT) for renewable ener...
By Christopher Neidl

Policy Announcement: The Luxembourg Negative Emissions Tariff (L-NET)

On Tuesday Nov 8, Deputy Sven Clement, representing the minority Pirate Party in the Luxembourg Parliament (Chambre des Députés) deposited The Luxembourg Negative Emissions Tariff (L-NET). As law th...
By Christopher Neidl


Weekly Mission Meetup: L-NET (Luxembourg)

By Christopher Neidl November 24, 2021



By Christopher Neidl October 28, 2021