We love graphic designers!

OpenAir missions are always in need of talented graphic designers to help produce materials for both activism, and research & development purposes. We hope to build a strong core of...
By Christopher Neidl February 21, 2022

Subscribe to the OpenAir Youtube channel

In 2022 OpenAir is ramping up its member-produced Youtube content. We hope to massively increase our audience in the coming months. So visit our channel, enjoy/share our videos, and definitely...
By Christopher Neidl

Follow us on Twitter!

OpenAir is really active on twitter and uses the platform for both activism and promotion. The bigger our following the bigger our impact will be. Please take a second and...
By Christopher Neidl

We need video editors for our YouTube shows

The OpenAir community produces regular Youtube content (ex. our This is CDR weekly webinar series). We can always use help with simple editing to get new episodes ready for posting....
By Christopher Neidl