Cyan continues to evolve, and 2022 is set to bring major transitions.

Cyan is well known both within and outside of the OpenAir community as a breakthrough DIY carbon removal mission that has helped define what R&D missions are and can be...
By Christopher Neidl March 14, 2022

Another Cyan Mini-Hack at University of Waterloo

Professors XiaoYu Wu and Matt Parker got together again with students from University of Waterloo’s Impact Alliance, UW Energy Network, and other groups to discuss carbon removal! This was the...
By Matt Parker October 27, 2021

Mini-Hack at University of Waterloo: Cyan

OpenAir members XiaoYu Wu and Matt Parker hosted a mini hack with an assortment of students at the University of Waterloo, including the UW Energy Network and the Impact Alliance....
By Matt Parker October 5, 2021


Seeking HTML/CCS and Javascript the Cyan Carbon Hacker webplatform

OpenAir is seeking volunteer help from experienced HTML/CCS and Javascript developers to finish up a new carbon hacking competition platform for beta launch in November. The platform will allow teams...
By Christopher Neidl September 19, 2022

Developers Needed! Javascript, React, C++

OpenAir is developing a competitive platform to build community and accelerate the evolution of our DIY opensource carbon removal projects. In July we need volunteer help from developers with knowledge...
By Christopher Neidl June 29, 2022