This is CDR EP15: Noya with Josh Santos, CEO

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This is CDR

THIS IS CDR is OpenAir’s weekly webinar series that explores the ever-widening range of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions currently being researched, developed, and deployed, and contextualizes them for policy proposals under development for New York, and other states and localities. Hosted by Toby Bryce in Brooklyn and Megha Raghavan in London.


CarbonFIT is a new advocacy mission kicking off in late 2021. Collectors Sven Clement (Luxembourg Member of Parliament),  and the CarbonFIT mission team are developing new CDR legislation for Luxembourg (and beyond) using an OpenAir created crowd-based policymaking method called the Collective Intelligence Relay (CIR). Tune in here to follow their progress!


This miniature, open-source device removes small amounts of CO2 from the air using simple, inexpensive off-the-shelf components. Its earliest version is simple by design, enabling large numbers of people to explore new directions and pathways for its future evolution.

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