Donate: Support the Carbon Gardener Citizen Science Network

Carbon Gardener is a new global citizen science mission that will study a key soil-based method for carbon removal: "Rock Dust", or "Enhanced Rock Weathering". Our crowdfunding campaign aims to raise ...
By Christopher Neidl January 25, 2023

OpenAir AMA: Dr. Wil V. Srubar (CDR/Algae/Concrete)

By Christopher Neidl January 4, 2023

PrIsMa: Accelerating DAC Sorbent Discovery with Supercomputing &…

Direct Air Capture’s future impact will be limited by the efficacy of its core chemistry and the material it deploys to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, known as sorbent. Today we have barely scratch...
By Christopher Neidl

Air-Synth: Democratizing CO2 Conversion with Open Source Peer…

Air-Synth is a new open source initiative that aims to rapidly develop, democratize and evolve technology that can electroreduce CO2 from the air into ethanol or other materials that can be used in pr...
By Christopher Neidl

‘Thursday’ Prototype Walkthrough with Mike Bwondera, Octavia Carbon

In this short video Octavia Carbon lead engineer Mike Bwondera provides aa short walk through of Thursday, a small direct air capture device designed by the Nairobi-based startup.
By Christopher Neidl January 3, 2023


By Christopher Neidl

Viridian Algae Hackers

By Christopher Neidl January 1, 2023

Carbon Gardener

By Christopher Neidl