Policy Roundtable: How Best to Catalyse Greenhouse Gas…

In July 2022 the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced a public consultation to receive input on the Government's policy proposal to support greenhouse gas removal (...
By Christopher Neidl January 4, 2023

Policy Announcement: The Massachusetts Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership…

Massachusetts is among the most climate forward state's in the U.S., with legally-binding targets for net-zero emissions by 2050. The commonwealth is also home to several world-class universities and ...
By Christopher Neidl January 3, 2023

CO2municator: Climate Restoration-Rotary Club_ P.Hoberg_11. 2022

This is an overview of climate restoration and carbon dioxide removal for a general audience. It was developed in cooperation with the OpenAir Collective, and was originally designed to be presented a...
By Christopher Neidl

The California CDR Market Development Act

By Christopher Neidl January 2, 2023

CDR Action España

By Christopher Neidl

GGR Action United Kingdom

By Christopher Neidl


By Christopher Neidl

CDR Action Germany

By Christopher Neidl