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In collaboration with DrawDao OpenAir kicks off Carbon Gardener in 2023 –  a new citizen science mission focused on agricultural enhanced rock weathering (ERW). Co-led by one of the world’s leading ERW researchers, Carbon Gardener will build a network of micro ‘rock dust’ test sites in gardens all over the world. Data collection from hundreds of sites globally will help validate the performance and impact of this potential gigaton scale carbon removal solution.

Help us reach our $10,000 target by Feb 1, 2023! 

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OpenAir’s activities depend on access to a number of digital platforms and services that our members all use, like Discord, Zoom, Canva, AWS, and Discourse.. Every month we have to pay a few hundred dollars in subscription fees to keep using them. Help keep OpenAir humming along by pitching in for our shared overhead costs.

Here’s our Fundrazr Page for donations! Every little bit counts.  

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