Challenging misinformation and elevating facts about carbon removals during COP28

During COP28 in Dubai, the internet will explode with all variety of messages about carbon removals from all directions, and countless sources. Some of the discourse will be fair, accurate and elevating for our cause. But a lot of it will be inaccurate, misleading or hostile. We need show up in large numbers during COP to help ensure that our inspiring, serious, and science aligned story is not lost or distorted. This tool helps those of us who will be active on social media during the conference to find content that aligns with our narratives to share during social media exchanges.

Use the filters below to find different forms of narrative aligned content that you can rapidly share and post on social media to best represent carbon removals positively and factually.

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We need carbon removals as well as deep emissions reductions and adaptation to tackle global warming.

- We cannot tackle climate change if we keep burning fossil fuels, period.
- Even if we ramped removals up to the maximum extent, it would be impossible to produce enough removals to compensate for continued fossil fuel use.
- Removals must be additive to decarbonization efforts, and we need separate targets for reductions and removals that get us to net zero.

- Removals are like a pension: we need to grow them now so we can “withdraw” later.
- Removals are not a given, it will take all of our efforts to supply the removals needed for net zero.
- We need to get our act together now to develop the necessary incentives, infrastructure and accounting practices.
- Scientists believe we’ll need >5 billion tonnes of removals by 2050. Today, we’re only able to deliver 0.002% of that. We need to get to work now.

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