Challenging misinformation and elevating facts about CDR, together!

The future of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) will be determined by so many different factors. But at this critical early stage,  arguably the most important involves the state of public perceptions, attitudes and understanding at every level of engagement – from individuals and local stakeholders, up to the highest heights of power and influence. And so much of how people will come to think about CDR will be shaped and reshaped by what they encounter and consume online.

CDReality is a crowd-based mission to project accuracy into public discourse surrounding CDR by collectively elevating positive and fact-based content on social media, and challenging misrepresentations and disinformation. This involves the rapid, decentralized mobilization of volunteers in large numbers and in real time to directly respond to influential CDR-related content put forth by media, governments, and influential figures and organizations with large followings. Like a swarm of energetic, well-informed first responders, we aim to elevate what is factual, and challenge what is false, incomplete and misleading.

Our members use this content bank to efficiently search for relevant, social media appropriate information and messages to post into conversations. The filters below help you quickly find the content you need based on the claims that need countering.

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“Industrial carbon removal is wildly expensive, far too energy and resource-intensive and removes pathetically small amounts of carbon.”